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About Me.

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An artist based in Toronto who specializes in 2D Rigging. 

He is currently a 2D Rigging Technical Director in Brown Bag Films / 9 Story Media Group.

Technical Skills:

Character Building, Rigging, HTML, CSS, Project Management

Software skills:

Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe CC, Microsoft Office, ShotGrid, Slack, VS Code

Clients :

BrownBagFilms (Toronto and Manchester), Sinking Ship, Sheridan College, INC Media,

and Joint Task Force Films. 



Web Development and Javascript

Juno College

HTML5 and CSS3, Implementing responsive designs that work across mobile and desktop devices, converting professional designs to HTML and CSS, Layout models like Flexbox, Creating forms for collecting data, interactivity with CSS effects, transitions and animations, Best practices for modern web development, website accessibility requirements.


Bachelors of Applied Arts (Animation)

Sheridan College

Principles of Animation, Drawing, Design, Cinematic Storytelling, Artistic Expertise, and Innovation.

In my time working with Daryl on The Magic School Bus Rides Again Season 1, he has shown strong knowledge of rigging techniques, a keen mind and strong critical thinking. He has great work ethic, works well under pressure and tight deadlines, gets the job done fast and on time and with good quality. He is a quick learner, always concerned with utilizing "best-practices" and eager to take on new challenges. Daryl is pro-active and solution-orientated with positive, upbeat and professional attitude, which makes him a good team player. Daryl would make an excellent member of any team he joins, I would gladly work with him again.

January 19, 2018
Although still relatively new to rigging, Daryl has excelled in his knowledge and skill-set during his time on Magic School Bus. I see great things for Daryl in the near future as his inquisitive nature and youth will make him a valuable asset to Brown Bag Films. I hope to work with him again.

December 15, 2017
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